Over the years, we have built a reputation founded on our ability to develop unique and fresh, creative solutions that bring real, value benefits to clients we interact with. We believe in understanding our client’s needs and consequently react by assembling a competent team with a wealth of experience to meet and exceed customer expectations. We strive to set high standards of excellence in soft skills management training and business consultancy.  We appreciate that management is dynamic and its challenges are so unique to every organization. Silikon Consulting Group Limited strives to grow and adjust with these changes because we believe that successful organizations are defined by their ability to:-

  • Promote a culture of innovation and disruptive thinking
  • Balance high tech with high touch – They disrupt their systems and methods with a personal factor
  • Obtain great results through people management
  • Recruit, hire, train and promote service
  • ‘Talk’ service routinely
  • Practice good corporate governance
  • Design and commit to their strategic direction – a strategy for service that is well developed and clearly committed
  • Establish a team that shares common values that boost performance such as cohesion, integrity, openness, trust, honesty and mutual respect
  • Focus on their customers by introducing customer friendly service systems
  • Market services to their customers both internal and external customers
  • Measure service quality and make the results available to the service people

The success of any organization lies in its management potential. Today’s increasingly competitive business world means a highly empowered management team is vital for any organization seeking to excel.  If you seek excellence and need support in building effective management, we at Silikon Consulting Group Limited guarantee you quality service.


Strategic Vision
Strategic Mission
Our Core Values

We Help Our Clients to:-

  • Ignite Workplace Performance
  • Bridge Strategy & Execution
  • Create Uncontested Markets
  • Develop Organizational Resilience
  • Create the Future
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