Welcome To Silikon Consulting Group Limited

Silikon Consulting Group Limited is a highly reputable firm with over eight years of experience in management soft-skills training, research and consultancy work. Established in 2009, the firm is approved by Kenya National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Ref. No NITA/TRN/963; to offer innovative human resource capacity development programs in the various pillars of our economy. Our head office is located in Nairobi, Kenya and boasts of its expansive experience in handling assignments across Africa and Middle East Markets including; Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Republic of Angola, Tanzania, Uganda and UAE.

Over the years, Silikon Consulting Group Limited has continued to ignite workplace performance by empowering industry captains across the world to transform organizations through management soft-skills training and consultancy work. We draw our specialty in building high performing teams in Corporate Governance, Performance and Productivity Models, Personnel Management Strategies, Organizational Growth Strategies, Enterprise Risk Management, Gender Mainstreaming, Emerging Technologies Integration, Organizational Leadership, Culture Audit and Change Management, Organizational Resource Mobilization and Accountability Integrity, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation as well as provision of business growth consultancy services such as Market Research, Baseline Surveys, Strategic Partnership linkages and Brand Perception Indexing.

Our range of consultancy services target organizational leaders, line managers, departmental heads, field supervisors and employees in order for them to deliver greater value to their organizations. We pride ourselves for having assisted many institutions to streamline operations, manage costs and grow their bottom-line by developing sound and strategic solutions customized to their specific industry needs.